The National Telecom Regulatory Authority Issues a Regulatory Framework for Wireless Telecom Towers Construction and Lease in Egypt
The National Telecom Regulatory Authority (NTRA) aims to ensure the provision of high-quality telecommunications services in a fair competitive environment, and create new investment opportunities. In this context, NTRA issued a regulatory framework to offer new licenses for the construction and leasing of wireless communication towers within the Arab Republic of Egypt. 

This framework aims to foster the spread the telecommunications services provided to users with the highest level of quality. This is in line with the country strategies in applying the digital transformation, especially in light of the steady increase in mobile Internet and data consumption rates, and as the mobile services users’ base is approximately 100 million users.

In addition, this formwork aims to develop and encourage investment opportunities in the field of constructing and leasing wireless communication towers for local and foreign companies that fulfill the conditions of the issued regulatory framework.
For inquiries about the details of the regulatory framework, please contact Invest@tra.gov.eg