​NTRA has succeeded ever since its establishment in  2003, to create a telecom market that is both balanced and effective.  This has actually stimulated the Egyptian economy in general and the Egyptian telecom sector in particular. 

It should be noted that one of the most bright and prosperous sides of the Egyptian telecom sector lies in its ability to identify the exact variables and challenges precisely. It is no longer acceptable to deal with the telecom services as if they are separate Islands, rather they are closely related. In the light of the convergence technology and market developments the operators had actually been able to provide various services.

Furthermore, as for maximizing the social and economic returns of Telecom Technology, NTRA announced a call for tender for the National Broadband Project which will contribute to the attainment of a qualitative quantum leap in the potentials and capabilities of internet access, as well as, it’s great returns on the Egyptian economy. Having this in mind, NTRA will work on raising the public awareness of the broadband great impacts on the socio-economic aspects of life.

NTRA is progressing forward towards the digital dividend, in order to comply with the global regulations that have already converted in several countries to the digital broadcasting. 

The previous projects (in addition to sundry other projects that do not have not the opportunity to mention in this respect) require as a matter of course the development and updating of the work mechanisms and management patterns in a way that would enable for the success and attainment of their goals and objectives.

In fact, the consumer protection, securing Cyberspace, the deployment and accessibility of the telecom network and the provision of high-quality telecom services at affordable costs represent the mandates that NTRA has been exerting strenuous efforts to implement. Having achieved a lot of leaps forward, NTRA is looking forward for achieving greater strides and progresses the coming few years.

The Executive President of National Telecom Regulatory Authority