​NTRA Call Center is a second line for receiving complaints concerning telecommunication services. It receives user complaints when he / she feels desperate to solve them with telecommunication service providers/operators. This Center endeavors to accomplish satisfactory solutions for all users’ complaints, pursuant to Telecom Law no 10/ 2003.

NTRA Call Center receives complaints regarding telecommunication services from:

  • Telecommunication users; any telecommunication service user, including but not limited to, fixed services, mobile services, Internet, mobile phones, pay phone, prepaid cards, international calls, satellites and all other communication services users.
  • Users’ inquiries  about any Telecommunication service. 

NTRA Call Center scope of work

NTRA Call Center receives:

  •  Technical complaints related to providing telecommunication services (fixed, mobiles and/or Internet)
  • Complaints related to paying bills and telecommunication services methods of payment
  •  Complaints related to companies selling mobile phones.

General rules for handling complaints

  •  For a written complaint, the center confirms its reception by three days starting from the day the complaint is received.
  •  The center sends the complaint to the concerned service operator or provider, asking for detailed and fast explanation regarding this complaint, and the procedures accomplished to solve this problem.
  • For technical complaints, such as failures, level of service, payment bills and methods of payment, NTRA call center tries to solve them within 10 days. As for complaints that require sending technical teams for making some measurements and the like, especially complaints related to leakage coverage, or demands for measuring mobile base stations for ensuring their compliance with health and environmental regulations, the center commits itself to solve them in 21 days maximum.
  •  For complaints outside NTRA scope of work, NTRA Call Center informs the user explaining why this complaint is outside its scope of work. In case of user acceptance, the Call Center may send the complaint to the service provider or operator recommending its solving, and informing NTRA of what happened concerning this problem.
  • If the user is not yet satisfied with the solution reached with the service provider or operator, he/she shall send a letter containing his / her complaint to the NTRA Executive President to review the complaint. 

Receiving complaints

NTRA Call Center receives complaints in one of the following manners:

  • Written complaints.
  • Short No. 155 or toll-free No. 08003330333.
  • By E-mail cccomplaints@tra.gov.eg
  • Fax: 02-35344155
Steps for complaints investigation

NTRA call center investigates the complaint depending on the data submitted by the user and the reply submitted by the service provider or operator. For ensuring fast and active investigations, NTRA Call Center observes obtaining detailed information of the complaint(s) comprising:

  •  Complaining  person name, phone number(s), and e-mail if any.
  • Complaint details, comprising service provider/operator, its phone numbers,  some details concerning the body to which the complaint was submitted to, complaint number that he / she obtained from the operator.
  • The user shall notify NTRA Call Center of any papers or agreements that may be of importance. This includes the contract signed by the user and the operator or service provider according to which the user receives the service, any agreements stating the level of service, and/or any receipts proving that the user has paid for the service provided, especially in financial disputes and bills complaints.
  • NTRA Call Center registers the complaint in Complaints Database, giving the complaining person with a reference number for follow up.
  • The Center transfers the complaint to the concerned service provider or operator for investigation and explanation. The said service provider or operator is required to  state procedures taken to solve this problem and the reason why a satisfactory solution is not reached. In case the complaint contains a legal dispute lying within NTRA scope of work, the Center may transfer it to the Legislation Sector in NTRA. In addition to this, the Center may also transfer some complaints to the Regulatory Sector, if the complaint contains what may breach the license issued for the service provider or operator.
  • NTRA Call Center takes the appropriate procedure, after receiving the service provider or operator reply. This includes; (A) forcing the service provider or operator to solve the problem if the user is correct, (B) explaining the matter for the user in case he / she is not correct due to some shortage in data about the service provided and its conditions, or (C) reaching a compromise between the user and the service provider or operator, if both of them fail to submit a cogent evidence delineating their situations.
  • NTRA Call Center tries also to persuade users to be more elastic, understanding in accepting apology and compensation as a means to solve his/her problem.

Complaint investigation results are: 

  •  Official apology from the service provider or operator.
  • Satisfactory explanation for problem reasons, measurements taken to solve it, and a guarantee that this will not happen again in the future.
  • A materialistic compensation in situations requiring it, according to the contract signed by the user and the service provider or operator.
  • For some users who are not aware of a specific service or terms of providing this service, NTRA refers this subject to Consumer Protection Department for holding an awareness campaign concerning this service, terms of its providing, and user rights for the operator or service provider concerning this service.
  • Relation with operators and service providers

 NTRA correlates with operators and service providers with some agreements that define:

  • Contact point  between NTRA Call Center and operators and service providers.
  • Communication channels and methods of sending complaints between NTRA Call Center and service providers and operators.
  • Time for investigating the complaint by the service provider or the operator, according to the type and importance of the complaint (in an annex classifying type, importance, and time required for solving this problem).
  • Methods of complaint escalation in case the center does not receive a cogent reply from the operator or service provider.

 NTRA works to strengthen means of communication between the Call Center and service providers and operators to ensure fast investigation for complaints and guarantee solving them. This is done through defining fast methods for exchanging complaints and replies, whether by using a common database or link lines.