Firstly, each citizen has the right to access telecommunications services wherever he is, as well as the right to:

  1. ​Obtain a good service as per the NTRA regulations and international standards.
  2. Choose the type of service provided and choose the service provider as well.
  3. Provide a healthy environment for users in accordance with the global health controls and standards
  4. Access with transparency the service data: the terms, prices and levels of service performance, without having them changed except after notifying the user.
  5. Be protected from harmful practices which the service provider might commit, such as the dissemination of false or misleading data. The service providers should announce their emergency and complaints number.
  6. Get compensation in the event of service failures (interruption or poor service).
  7. Have his/her data (and numbers) preserved as the confidentiality and privacy thereof should be maintained.
  8. Have any complaint or inquiry raised by him/her responded to, as he/she should be informed of all the result to be able to resort to the NTRA in case the issue is not resolved.
  9. Stop dealing with a certain service provider without giving any compensation thereto.
  10. Obtain accurate and clear monthly invoices and request a detailed invoice at a nominal cost or an electronic bill free of charge. If the problems are not resolved, the complaint will be escalated to the NTRA.
Secondly, the Disabled has all right to obtain the appropriate services adapted to their needs.

Consumers’ Obligations

  1. ​Abstain from dealing with unauthorized bodies that are not licensed to provide telecom services. The consumer should report to the concerned authorities on such bodies.
  2. Report to NTRA any violation of law such as bypassing international calls or connecting an illegal sub-line, so as not to be penalized by law.
  3. Abstain from violating the contractual stipulations or conditions of service provision.
  4. Abstain from misusing or causing any damage or harm to the infrastructure used in telecom service provision.
  5. Report to the NTRA any case of stolen lines.
  6. Abstain from using the mobile phone while driving to preserve his/her life and lives of other citizens.