1. This license is governed by the provisions of law No. 10 year 2003 and the relevant ministerial decrees.
  2. The equipment must be used only for types of communications authorized by the National Telecommunication Regulatory Authority (NTRA).
  3. The licensee must not receive unauthorized messages; and if such messages are unintentionally received at the stations, the licensee must not divulge the messages or their contents to any person other than authorized officials of the A.R.E. government or competent legal tribunal.
  4. The licensee must not transmit false or deceptive distress calls or signals.
  5. Equipment, location, frequency, and power mentioned in the license are not subject to change without NTRA approval. This license should appear at the same site of the equipment as per the license.
  6. The license may be revoked and terminated at any time by NTRA through advising the licensee in writing and the license will become immediately invalid, but without prejudice to the executive president’s right to determine the appropriate actions in accordance with the regulatory laws and ministerial decisions.
  7. The licensee is not authorized to abandon the license to a third party without NTRA prior approval.
  8. The license is valid for one calendar year whether the licensee used the frequency and the equipment or not.
  9. The license will be automatically renewed on annual basis unless the licensee requested to terminate the license.
  10. On renewal, the licensee must pay the requested fees in advance and not later than the end of the last month of the license year. In case of delay 7% annual fine will be paid.
  11. In case of the licensee’s request to cancel the license, the licensee must submit the equipment to NTRA premises or a location determined by NTRA to be impounded or dismantled and returned to the licensee and that must be done one month prior to the license’s expiry date.
  12. Impounding of the equipment is valid only for six months and the licensee must be able to deal with the equipment before the end of this period either by reuse of the equipment or re-export it or selling it to whomever NTRA would approve prior to the actual sale, or deliver the equipment to NTRA representative to dismantle.  In case of violating these instructions, the licensee is considered using equipment without license.

​​Dismantling must be performed by NTRA and dismantling performed by any other entity will not be authorized.​