​​In addition to the normal customs clearance procedures and type approval procedures and as a prerequisite for customs clearance and / or manufacturing of M2M devices in Egypt, all the companies that import/ manufacture devices used in providing M2M services should submit a request to National Telecommunication Regularity Authority (NTRA) that contains the following information:

  1. End user's Information:
    • ​List of customers who will buy the devices
    • ​​​Number of devices in the shipment, devices  models, manufacture company name  and the location in which these devices will be used.
    • ​Business Model which includes a declaration of the relation between the importer company and the users of these devices
    • ​Clarification of the exact purpose of these devices.
    • ​​Information about the data that will be transferred using these devices.​
  2. Network / System Information:
    • A diagram indicating scenarios of use and traffic flow diagram in each scenario.
    • Clarifications about the device operation. 
    • The Location of the service server, the ownership of the server and its mode of operation.
    • The way of connection from Egypt to other countries or regions and vise verse (if any)​
  3. Data Sheet of the devices (Technical Specifications).
  4. A list of frequencies that will be used in these devices (in case of wireless devices) to check if the use of these frequencies is allowed in Egypt and the conditions of use.
  5. A copy of the Contract with the mobile operator company (or offer) who will provide SIM Cards that will be used in the fevice  (in case of devices using mobile networks) 
  6. In case of using these devices to transmit location automatically or AVL : the  users (buyer) shall submit a copy of the contract with the licensed operator to provide tracking services in Egypt. 
****All the above documents should be sent as follows :

  1. By email to the Cutoms Clearance Department indicating the company's name and the request number on email subject .
  2. As a hard copy on the company paper and deliver it to the Cutoms Clearance Department​ at NTRA Nasr City premises.
After submitting the prerequisite file with the above required documents NTRA will examine the request and after obtaining its approval, the applicant should submit the required pledges .
The importer and the users of the devices should submit the following 2 acknowledgements (pledges) :
  1. The importer/ manufacture pledge​ (an original copy)
  2. The customer (end user) pledges (an original copy) in different cases:
​Note :The said original copies of the pledges should be submitted exactly as they are on the forms of both, the importing company and the purchasing company to NTRA's premises at Nasr City.