Wireless Devices Importers Registered with the NTRA:

The companies registered as wireless device importers with the NTRA should apply to NTRA to obtain import approvals for wireless devices that they intend to import in the required quantities and numbers, an adequate period of time prior to their actual import, lest these devices remain kept in the customs department waiting for the department to approve and release it.

The import approvals should be obtained for the following devices:
  • Wireless devices (ground - marine - air - amateur);
  • Microwave devices;
  • Wireless networking devices;
  • Car Navigation devices;
  • • GPS positioning devices (portable - on marine units - on aircraft - surveying systems - OFF-LINE auto tracking systems)..

Wireless Devices Importers’ Procedures for Obtaining Import Approvals:
An application to obtain an import approval should be submitted on the applicant's paper with clear data in the name of:
The Acting Executive President of the National Telecom Regulatory Authority (NTRA). (CS model 1 - 2).

The following documents should be attached to the import approval application:
  •  A permanent authorization for the applicant’s delegate or an authorization of that delegate pursuant to the application. A copy of his National ID card  should be attached therewith (CS 20-1).
  •  The undertaking of the applicant to comply with the technical specifications of the wireless devices approved by the NTRA.
  •  The technical specification catalogues of the wireless devices to be imported for display and sale. They are available on the manufacturer's website.
  •  The wireless devices’ appropriate technical specification form should be filled in and completed (CS 11 / CS 12 / CS 13 / CS 14 / CS 15 / CS 16 / CS 17).