Registered Wireless Devices Importers’ Procedures for Transferring Wireless Devices from the Inventory Balance​:
The wireless devices importer registered with the NTRA should submit on the applicant company’s paper (template) with clear data to transfer of the wireless devices from the inventory balance of an importing company registered with NTRA to the applicant’s inventory balance in the name of: The NTRA’s Acting Executive President (CS1-31).

The following documents should be attached to the application:
  • A permanent authorization for the applicant’s delegate or an authorization of that delegate pursuant to the application. A copy of his National ID card  should be attached therewith (CS 20-1).
  • The approval of the transferor (the company from which the wireless devices will be transferred to the applicant’s inventory balance).
  • The technical specification catalogues of the wireless devices to be transferred to the applicant’s inventory balance for display and sale. They are available on the manufacturer's website.
  • The wireless devices’ appropriate technical specification form should be filled in and completed (CS 11 / CS 12 / CS 13 / CS 14 / CS 15 / CS 16 / CS 17).