The importer shall submit a request for the release of the shipment submitted directly to the NTRA, as the following documents should be attached therewith:

  • Catalogs of the devices needed.
  • A full copy of the customs certificate.
  • The shipping policy.
  • Import bill (purchase of equipment from the country of import).

The importer shall submit the IMEI (device ID) number of the mobile phones to 

The importer shall pay the burdens and charges borne by the NTRA for the governance of mobile phones, estimated to amount to 5% of the customs invoice included in any shipment or postal package that includes mobile phones.

The importer shall pay the due burdens and charges in the account of the National Telecom Regulatory Authority (NTRA) in the Head Office of the Central Bank of Egypt No. 9/67901/300/9 or through e-payment and e-collection systems via the corporate code No. 40421001.

This decision shall become effective as of 1/7/2020.

In case the IMEI number of the devices is submitted incorrectly, the importer shall bear all consequences of that, including the inability of the mobile device to operate on any of the networks of service providers in the A.R.E. licensed by the NTRA to provide the service, without any responsibility on the NTRA.

For more details, please visit the NTRA's website: or call the NTRA's Call Center "155".