​Within the framework of NTRA's keenness to boost the Egyptian telecom market, NTRA has established the Customer Service Department. Chief among the most significant duties and mandates thereof are the following:

  1. Implementing the registration procedures of wireless devices importing companies, submitting the companies' wireless devices importation requests to the relevant committee as per the applicable law.
  2. Following up on store record of the wireless devices (stored by the companies registered as wireless devices importer with NTRA) through periodic inspections of those companies, and following up on the circulation and sale of such devices to ensure those companies' abidance by the provisions of law.
  3. Implementing the licensing procedures of various entities and authorities for the usage of wireless devices, submitting the companies' wireless devices usage requests to the relevant committee as per the applicable law.
  4. Submitting the customers' requests concerning the addition of wireless devices, or frequencies to various usage licenses or cancellations to the relevant competent Committee according to the applicable law.
  5. Implementing the procedures for obtaining the approvals required for the importation and usage of wireless networks hubs.
  6. Rendering a decision concerning the customers' requests for the release of wireless devices, whether for personal or private usage (for entities) or for trade (for the licensed companies registered with NTRA as an importer of wireless devices.
  7. Implementing the decisions issued by the competent Committee as per the provisions of the applicable law concerning the customers' requests or usage of wireless devices.