1. The customer (service applicant) shall submit an application to obtain the services needed as per the forms prepared for that purpose and attached therewith the required data and documents published on the NTRA's website.
  2. The customer (service applicant) shall pay the prescribed fees for using the wireless equipment in the private networks and frequency spectrum needed for them
  3. The customer (applicant) shall pay the prescribed fees in the account of the National Telecom Regulatory Authority (NTRA) in the Head Office of the Central Bank of Egypt No. 9/67901/300/9 or through e-payment and e-collection systems via the corporate code No. 40421001.
  4. The fees-exempt bodies and entities will be as well exempted from the wireless devices and frequency spectrum usage fees as per the Telecom Regulation Law No. 10 of 2003, as well as the exempt bodies as per the decisions previously issued by the NTRA's board of directors in implementation of the legal opinions issued by the State Council's General Assembly of Legal Opinion (Fatwa) and Legislation Departments.
  5. This decision shall become effective to calculate the fees for new licenses as of 7/7/2020. As for the current licenses, this decision shall apply to them starting from the date of their renewal in January 2021.

  For more details, please visit the NTRA's website: www.tra.gov.eg or call the NTRA's Call Center "155".