Mobile Number Portability is a newly-developed telecom service that enables the mobile subscriber to change his operator (Mobinil-Vodafone- Etisalat) and retains his own number regardless of the service provider. 

Terms and Conditions of MNP: 

  1. The subscription of the number that will be ported is one calendar year at least as any number portability request that does not abide by this condition will be refused. 
  2. The post-paid subscribers should ensure that all bills are paid (i.e. that they settled their outstanding bills and paid all due payments up to the time of receipt of Number Porting Request) before taking the needed porting procedures. The subscriber should submit the last bills he paid and he shall pay a deposit to the Recipient Operator (for all unsettled payments); this deposit amounts to the average of the last three bills. 
  3. The pre-paid subscribers will lose their un-used prepaid balance of the ported-out number on porting it to another Operator. 
  4. The subscriber shall go to one of the outlets of the Recipient Operator and take with him his ID (or passport). 
  5. The outlet shall keep the NP request and a photocopy of the subscriber's ID and shall present to the subscriber the new (inactivated) SIM card of the Recipient Operator. 
  6. The subscriber shall go on using his old SIM card until the Recipient Operator sends him an SMS to him few minutes before the ported number activation in order to replace his old SIM card by the new one (the activation process will take place during the period from 3:00 to 6:00 am). 
  7. MNP process takes a period ranging from 2 to 5 working days starting from the date of MNP request submittal. 
  8. In case the rejection of the NP request is because the subscriber does not fulfill the NP terms and conditions, the Recipient Operator should inform the subscriber of the rejection causes. 
  9. The subscriber is entitled to eliminate the rejection causes and re-send the NP request again when he meets the eligibility criteria for MNP. 
  10. In case the Subscriber cancels the NP request he has to fill in and sign the cancellation form and submit his ID (or passport) every day at any time prior to 10:00 pm so long as the MNP process has not been activated (i.e. the new SIM card has not been activated yet). 

​The post-paid subscribers should follow the following procedures to port their mobile numbers: 

  1. Settling his outstanding payments payable to the Donor Operator and having his number ported. The subscriber shall convert his subscription of the number from post-paid to pre-paid. 
  2. After having his subscription of the number converted from post-paid to pre-paid, the subscriber shall follow the procedures of the porting process of MNP of prepaid subscribers as mentioned above.