The digital capacity of the mobile services has been increased due to the huge increase in the number of mobile subscribers in Egypt. 

Mobile numbers were changed as per the following tables:

Old NumberNew Number
Old NumberNew Number

Old NumberNew Number

​Emergency Numbers

It is the responsibility of NTRA to assign emergency short numbers in the range (1xx) . for ex:

  • 123 = Ambulance  
  • 180 = Firefighting Dept.
  • 122 = Police

Short Numbers 

For the business use, NTRA assigned (15xxx), (16xxx) and (19xxx) five range numbers ,  and (15xxxx) six range numbers to Telecom Operators, so as to sell these numbers within  such ranges to governmental bodies, companies, restaurants and for other business purposes, as appropriate.

​Mobile Number Portability (MNP)

Mobile Number Portability (MNP) is a newly developed telecom service that enables the mobile subscriber to change his/her operator without changing his/her own number. Their MNP gives subscribers all freedom to port his/her number to another operator without forcing him/her to lose their number. This leads to the elimination of all barriers that hinder free competition between mobile operators. In addition, it helps in reducing rates, improving the quality of service, hence satisfying customers.  With the three mobile operators operating in Egypt, NTRA was keen to provide all mobile users with the MNP option for all subscription systems (postpaid, prepaid, corporate accounts). NTRA sets easy procedures for users to port their numbers from one operator to another.