The development of telecom sector has brought ICT services and technologies into the foreground as they are able today more than ever before to face and overcome many challenges that revolutionize communities worldwide.

In Egypt as in all promisingly growing economies, ICT is a source of innovation that has urged the development of skills and investment. Data collected by telecom experts assist policymakers in determining trends in various sectors or understand dangerous problems in remote areas.

The experts’ ability to correctly and properly measure progress and advancement in ICT development is the main tool that allows policymakers to make informed decisions in not only the ICT sector, but also in education, health and all service sectors. The availability of authentic databases and information is one of the significant factors in the success of developmental programs and plans. The publication of such information and data about the telecom sector helps in raising awareness about the booming growth of ICT sector in Egypt and its ranking in the international and regional arena. 

NTRA’s Telecom Indicators In Summary provides a monthly and quarterly review of ICT indicators in Egypt.