NTRA Events
ARNET meeting in Abu Dhabi 18-21 March 2006

The third Arab Regulators Network (ARNET) meeting was hosted by the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA), UAE at Le Royal Meridien in Abu Dhabi, UAE, from 18-21 March, 2006.

During this meeting, Egypt handed over ARNET presidency to UAE. It is worth mentioning in this regard that the chairmanship of ARNET circulates among Arab regulators in alphabetical order, each chairing it for a year, except for Egypt that took over after Jordan, as an exception.

The Egyptian delegation under the presidency of Dr. Amr Badawi, the executive president of NTRA, presented the achievements of the ARNET under Egyptian presidency. Egypt also presented a final report on the challenges that ARNET faces and the proposed solutions.  On the top of the ARNET meeting agenda, participants discussed the status of the projects and the roaming problem. A workshop was also held on the VoIP.