NTRA Events
NTRA Preparing for the ITU Plenipotentiary Conference (Antalya 2006)

The Plenipotentiary Conference is the top policy-making body of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU). Held every four years, the Conference sets the Union's general policies, adopts four-year strategic and financial plans and elects the senior management team of the ITU, the members of Council and the members of the Radio Regulations Board. In other words, it is the key event at which ITU Member States decide on the future role of the organization, thereby determining the organization's ability to influence and affect the development of information and communication technologies (ICT) worldwide.
The Plenipotentiary Conference is held this year in Antalya (Turkey) in the period from 6 to 24 November 2006. Thanks to the importance of this event, the NTRA is setting a plan in the preparation for this event.

On the African Level:
The NTRA representatives attended the African Preparatory meeting for the ITU Plenipotentiary Conference in Kenya in the period from 19 to 21 June 2006 and the African Telecommunications Union Preparatory Conference in the period from 22 to 24 June 2006. The Egyptian delegation had unique and interactive presence as Egypt headed a number of working groups. The Egyptian delegation submitted four suggestions for the amendment of the ITU Constitution. Amendments included:
 Modifying the Union’s name, the authorization and
Ø responsibilities thereof.
 Modifying the International Telecom Regulations,
Ø Resolution No.121, Morocco 2002.
 Modifying radio frequencies to be more
Ø than 300 gigahertz, Resolution No. 108, Morocco 2002.
 Suggesting the
Ø inclusion of the global forum of telecom regulatory bodies in the agenda of the ITU’s-D sector as per the ITU’s constitution and agreement.
Moreover, the Egyptian delegation participated in a number of other working groups, including, the working group of ITU’s budget.
The Conference’s success was reflected in the issues discussed, decisions concerning which are supposed to be taken during the African Telecommunications Union Conference in Tripoli in the period from 16 to 19 July 2006. After getting the approval, these decisions will be submitted to the ITU’s Secretariat to accredit it during the ITU Plenipotentiary Conference, Antalya 2006.
As for the African Preparatory Conference of the African Telecommunications Union, Egypt asked the Union’s Secretariat to submit a clarification for the Union’s budget. Moreover, Egypt took part in a working group for setting a proposal on the new partnership opportunities for the Union with the International and Regional Organizations. A resolution concerning this proposal should be taken in the African Telecommunications Union Conference that will be held in Tripoli in the period from 16 to 19 July 2006. Hence, it will be activated after getting an approval.

On the Arab level, the NTRA is taking part in the preparation for the Second Arab Preparatory Conference of the Arab Working Group of the ITU’s Plenipotentiary Conference held now in Cairo in the period from 15 to 19 July 2006. The NTRA, in collaboration with the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT), have prepared the Conference Agenda in order to issue Arab unified proposals concerning various issues related to the modification, addition or cancellation of any articles of the ITU’s agreement and constitution in addition to the activation of the results and recommendations of the World Summit on the Information Society’s (WSIS’s) Phases I and II.