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Public and Private Sector Partnership Forum in Africa

The Public and Private Sector Partnership Forum in Africa: PPPF-Africa-2007 held in Kenya- Nairobi in the period from 4 to 5 June 2007. The Forum, which is organized by  the Telecommunications Bureau (BDT) and the African Working Group on private sector issues in  collaboration with the Communications Commission of Kenya (CCK) will tackle the problems of telecom infrastructures and will address the possibility of making maximum use of available Africa resources in the most feasible way. Both participating governmental bodies and private sector service providers will present their viewpoints in this regard.
The forum will also discuss a number of issues, chief among which are the following:
- Different challenges facing the telecom and information industry
- Challenges the impede the growth of small and medium enterprises.
- Partnership in the establishment of African infrastructures and low cost solutions

Another meeting will be held in the heels of the forum, for African Telecom and Information service regulators (AFTRA) in the period from 6 to 7 June 2007. The forum will tackle a number of issues spearheaded by the establishment of an African Regulatory network for the African telecom authorities with the aim of strengthening the concept of partnership and in an attempt to achieve the most possible economic and social return.
Egypt, represented in the National Telecom Regulatory Authority (NTRA) will take part in those influential meetings where it would submit a paper including its opinion in the project of the African Regulators Network based on its experience in the Arab regulatory Network (ARNET).
It is worth mentioning in this regard that Egypt has been a president for the ARNET for the year 2005. The ARNET was established with the aim of being an aggregation working on the Arab level to develop the ICT sector in the Arab countries as well as support the exchange and development of knowledge and regional expertise and institutional development methodologies, in order to serve all sectors of the society and guarantee sustainable development.
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