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The Middle East’s telecommunications industry is undergoing major change with more tendency towards liberalization and enhancing competition. Telecommunications Middle East Summit brings together the Middle East’s leading industry organizations and focuses on the key issues concerning telecommunication and broadband sectors.

The summit is hosted by Etisalat Academy, which is one of the major professional Centers of Excellence in the Gulf Region & Middle East. It offers training solutions & consultancy services in career development for diversified and different levels of professionals. The Academy offers specialized courses in the various fields of Telecom Engineering, Information Technology, Systems Administration, Management, Accounting, Finance and many other professional fields.

Topics at this event will cover all the latest developments in telecommunications including:

o Government policy
o Privatization
o Competition, regulation and licensing
o Wholesale markets and pricing
o Infrastructure development in metropolitan and regional areas
o Voice video and data over IP networks
o Partnerships and industry alliances
o Industry consolidation
o Revenue drivers
o New business models
o New technologies like WiMax
o Convergence of telecommunications, media and ICT industries

Thanks to the major importance of the event, , an NTRA Official Delegation, headed by Dr. Amr Badawi, NTRA Executive President, will take part in the summit, which will be held in the period from 29th – 1st of November 

On the 29th October, a workshop will be held on Implementing Next Generation Converged Billing systems;
The workshop will equip participants with the latest skills that are essential to manage effectively the next generation revolution.

Key industry players will present their successful strategies for managing convergence. Real life case studies will be presented. Discussions will include the difficulties of managing multi-user and multi-service charges.

On the 1st November another workshop will be held on Effective Teleco Revenue Assurance;

The workshop will tackle means of identifying the root causes of billing errors and the business cases for introducing successful revenue assurance functions. The various approaches to revenue assurance facilitation will also be discussed with presentation of different statistical analysis techniques.

Dr. Amr Badawi will take part in the TRA Chiefs Panels Session on Effective regulation and competition in the Telecommunications industry. The session will address:

o Global overview of recent developments in telecommunications competition and pricing regulation

o Challenges in regulating a privatized telecommunications industry

o Regulating broadband and narrowband telecommunications

o Regulating broadband access charges

o Effective regulatory strategies to increase broadband competition

o International telecommunications regulation co-ordination

o Working with carriers to ensure effective, prompt and consistent implementation of new regulations and market incentives

o Policy projects, market reviews and other policy developments

o Assessing the current regulatory environment

o Regulatory requirements for market development

o Impact of new technology and industry convergence on the regulatory process

o Working with industry regulators and competitors for successful outcomes

o Future challenges for industry regulation

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