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The ICANN 33rd Public Meeting/ Cairo

The ICANN has successfully concluded its 33rd public meeting, which took place in Cairo in the period form 2nd to 7th November 2008.

The meeting was inaugurated by his Excellency Dr. Tarek Kamel, minister of Communications and Information Technology and was attended by more than 1000 experts representing different sectors to discuss the crucial issues related to the Internet mainly the implementation of new generic Top Level Domains and the global expansion of the domain name system as well as the introduction of Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs) which, when combined with new gTLDs, will create a range new possibilities for the internet users of the world.

Commenting on the Cairo meeting, Dr Paul Twomey, President and CEO of ICANN said:
'There are 1.5 billion Internet users in the world and growing and there are only 21 generic top level names from which people can choose. We're currently facilitating the biggest expansion to the domain name system since its inception and this meeting will see further consultation with the internet community so that all aspects of the draft gTLD policy are thoroughly discussed.'

During the proceedings of the meeting, the ICANN and Egypt's country code Top Level Domain (ccTLD) manager formalize their relationship, which makes Egypt the 45th country that has entered into a formal relationship with ICANN.

ICANN is responsible for the global coordination of the Internet's system of unique identifiers like domain names (like .org, and country codes like .uk) and the addresses used in a variety of Internet protocols that help computers reach each other over the Internet. Careful management of these resources is vital to the Internet's operation, so ICANN's global stakeholders meet regularly to develop policies that ensure the Internet's ongoing security and stability.

ICANN 33rd International Public Meeting, Cairo, 2 November, 2008