NTRA Events
The Second Meeting of the Arab Regional Group of Study Group 2 (SG2 RG-ARB) of the Standardization Sector

The Syrian Capital, Damascus, will host a number of significant regional meetings in the period from 19 to 24 July 2008, as a preparation for the World Telecommunications Standardization Assembly meeting, scheduled in October 2008.
The first of these meeting will be the second meeting of the Arab Regional Group of Study Group 2 (SG2 RG-ARB) of the Standardization Sector (ITU-T) on the 19th of July. This meeting shall be back-to-back with the “ITU Development Forum: Bridging the Standardization Gap” to be held from 20th to 22nd of July 2008, and the “Arab Regional WTSA-08 Preparatory Meeting” from 22nd to 24th of July 2008, which aims at unifying Arab stances in the WTSA.  
The second meeting of the SG2 RG-ARB will consider mainly, the designation of the Vice Chairmen, and will discuss the Work Program of the Regional Group, in addition to regular activities, e.g. reviewing ITU-T and SG2 activities, in particular those related to the work area of SG2 of ITU-T that are of special interest to the Arab Region. 
The meeting is significantly important as it provides a vehicle to enhance regional cooperation in the standardization activities and in particular, supports the alignment of the Arab stands during the next WTSA (World Telecommunications Standardization Assembly) meeting in October 2008.
The NTRA, strongly believing in the significance of such coordination, takes part in those meetings. It is worth mentioning in this regard that Dr. Sherif Genena, the Egyptian expert and the Advisor for NTRA's Executive President is the Vice Chairman of the SG2 and the Chariman of the SG2 RG-ARB.