NTRA Events

During the second phase of WSIS (16-18 November, 2005), NTRA exposed itself as an active and leading regulatory authority on both the Arab and international levels. It also successfully publicized its local developmental achievements which were widely appraised by the Summit’s participants.

The second phase of the World Summit on Information Society, held in Tunis, Tunisia from the 16th to the 18th of November 2005, was an opportunity effectively seized by the NTRA to publicize its achievements as a vibrant institution active on multiple planes of bilateral and international cooperation.

International Outlook

Eng. Alaa Fahmy, Executive President of NTRA, held a number of bilateral meetings with distinguished representatives of regulatory authorities from France, Germany and Jordan. The meetings aimed at exploring areas of mutual interest and consolidating cooperation in fields related to market liberalization and the introduction of new technologies.

In his capacity as current president of the Arab Network for Regulatory Authorities (ARNET), Eng. Fahmy also held meetings with representatives from the different member authorities of ARNET and agreed to hold a regional meeting for the organization in January 2006 to follow up on the progress of the network’s projects.

Furthermore, and in compliance with NTRA’s commitment to enhance the institutional capacity of ARNET during its presidency, Eng. Fahmy was able to reach an agreement with representatives from Info Dev, a World Bank entity, by which the latter would provide ARNET with a number of training workshops. The World Bank and Info Dev will also be involved in the process of providing ARNET with technical assistance in a number of its ongoing projects related to enhancing ICT infrastructure within the Arab World. This agreement was reached after the substantial participation of NTRA within the side event organized by Info Dev to discuss the positive effects of market regulation on the expansion of the ICT sector in developing countries.

Marketing Success

NTRA’s participation within WSIS was directed by a clear vision to share its experience with the rest of the world and to reflect the great strides taken to strengthen the foundations of a fast-paced and rapidly growing ICT sector within Egypt. The Authority’s achievements in the realms of Market Liberalization and Universal Service were given special emphasis in two separate publications that were prepared especially for the event. The protection of consumer rights enjoyed no less attention as the activities of the Consumer Rights Protection Committee (CRPC) also earned an elaborate publication of its own. These topic specific brochures were distributed through the NTRA’s section within the Egyptian pavilion at the WSIS, along with an additional brochure and a multimedia production introducing ARNET to the international ICT community gathered in Tunis.

The intended publicity for both NTRA and ARNET was sufficiently felt and acknowledged during the summit’s proceedings, as both institutions are now associated with meticulous planning and dynamic engagement with issues of concern to all stakeholders within the ICT sector.