A marked improvement in the quality of mobile services in recent months

Technical reports on the quality of mobile services measurement issued by the National Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (NTRA) showed a marked improvement in the quality of services provided to the Egyptian citizens in the recent months. This proves the success of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) Plan in upgrading and enhancing the mobile services provided to citizens. NTRA has pursued a set of pre-emptive steps to overcome and prevent low quality of services and decline in services quality compared to the internationally approved standards, hence avoid the occurrence of irregularities in reports. It aims to find alternative measures and solutions in the event of occurrence of crises or that cause the service failure or interruption. These are as follows:

  • Identify the areas that have chronic problems in services quality throughout the State, and exert all efforts to find out radical solutions that have been implemented recently in the governorates of Mansoura and Kafr El-Sheikh that suffered for long from poor services quality.
  • Obligate the companies to pump new investments in their networks; this had a marked positive impact on the improvement of the quality of services.
  • Develop methods for the measurement of quality of service measurements so as to ensure true measures and representation of network performance, keeping pace with technological developments and meeting the user's new needs. This leads to the issuance of measurement reports on a monthly instead of quarterly basis for the ongoing follow-up of performance, hence accelerate and augment the quality improvement measures.
  • Agree with the mobile operators to modify the distribution strategy of the voice and data services and data services via different technologies (2G and 3G) according to the nature of the area and traffic in order to augment the voice clarity (as it has improved by 50% as average).
  • Focus on the quality measurement on roads and the usage of alternative solutions to solve problems.
  • Compare the quality of mobile services with the complaint reports complaints issued by NTRA's Call Center (# 155) to identify problems and to ensure continuous improvement of the services quality.
  • Increase the frequency of technical meetings with the companies and operators in order to work on the improvement of the worst stations in terms of services provision to customers.
  • As a result of the actions and measures taken significant improvement in the services quality throughout the State has been achieved in the last four months. For the first time there has been a significant reduction in the operators' violations of any of the quality standards of the services provided to citizens last July.