ICT Industry Representatives Committee

ICT industry is considered one of the pivots of establishing new scieties. This highly significant industry has become a key player in our everyday lives and affairs. Its impact prevails and reaches all social classes and State’s sectors.
The Legislator paid attention to this fact when stipulating Article (18) of Telecom Law No 10 for the year 2003 highlighting the significance of forming the ICT Industry Representatives Committee that would comprise representatives of the entities working in ICT sector as well as other competent and concerned authorities with the aim of extending consultations related to ICT industry.
In order to activate the provisions of this Article, HE Dr Tarek Kamel, Minister of Communications and Information Technology, issued a decree on forming that Committee. Dr. Amr Badawy, the Executive President of the National Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (NTRA), would chair the Committee. The formation Decree set forth that Dr. Abd El Rahman El Sawy will be in charge of the Affairs of the Vice Chairman and Eng. Omar Elsheikh will be in charge of the Committee reporter Affairs, with the membership of:


The Represented Entity


Eng. Emad Elazhary

Fixed Telephony Services


Telecom Egypt

Eng. Mohamed Nabeeh


Mobile Telephony Services


Eng.  Hatem Dweidar



Eng.  Mohamed Walaa


Eng. Karim Bishara

Data & Internet Services




Eng. El Moataz Mahmoud Omran

Data Express

Eng. Amr Gohar

Value-added Services

Public Payphones & Prepaid Cards


Al Ahly for Home prepaid cards

Eng. Khaled Shash


Communications Centers Sector



Eng.  Sherif Nazif


Satellite, and ground cable importers and suppliers. Telecom and Information Infrastructure Technology suppliers and providers. Terminal equipment suppliers and importers.  Information and Telecommunication Integrated Systems Companies, and wireless telecom services.


Eng. Khaled Rabea



Eng. Tarek  Malash


Multinational Companies


Eng.   Nabila Omran



Misr International for Engineering Systems

Eng.  Khaled Ibrahim



Imac for Computer Manufacturing


Eng.  Ismail Mashour


Prof. Dr. Abd El Rahman El Sawy



Scientific Societies, Consultants and University Professors



Dr. Muhammad Nafea


Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT)


Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT)

Prof. Dr. Hadya El Henawy


Mr.  Mahmoud elgoweiny


Prof. Dr. Mostafa El Gabaly



The Chamber's Communications Division

Prof. Dr. Hossam Lotfy

Expert legal representative


Professor in the Faculty of Law, Cairo University

The Committee will hold monthly meetings or as per the Chairman’s request when necessary.
The Committee aims to promote and enhance the growth of ICT market in Egypt for the purpose of establishing societal interaction with the main players and stakeholders of ICT industry and presenting the recommendations to the NTRA’s Board of Directors, which will inevitably facilitate the attainment of a key balance in ICT market nowadays. This includes the upgrading of the services quality, increasing the company’s economic returns, promotion of investment and protection of consumers’ rights and interests.
The Committee formation Decree embodies the aforementioned aims. It has set forth with all keenness that the Committee should comprise all trends related to ICT industry in order to serve all stakeholders’ interests. The Committee’s activities pertain to the Consumer Rights Protection Committee. The NTRA prioritizes aims it seeks to achieve in the near future, that is, the consumer rights’ protection with their varying classes and maintenance of continuous and effective intercommunication therewith.