NTRA Calls on Operators to Take Preemptive Measures to Face Coronavirus
The National Telecom Regularity Authority (NTRA) called on the telecommunication operators in Egypt to take the necessary preventive measures for facing COVID-19 and providing a safe work environment for employees, with ensuring continuity of work. Measures include raising employees’ awareness of the important precautions that should be followed to avoid infection, and making available the necessary equipment for measuring the body temperature of employees and incoming visitors at each company. This is in addition to sterilizing and disinfecting all offices, surfaces and tools used by employees, on regular basis, throughout the day, and directing for staying at home or heading to the hospital, for those experiencing flu symptoms.

The NTRA also underlined the significance of continuing work at call centers to answer customers’ inquiries, reducing the number of personnel at companies’ outlets to five only in each outlet, and increasing the use of technological means for circulating documents inside and outside each company. This is in addition to holding meetings via videoconference and cancelling the fingerprint attendance system. Necessary precautions are also to be taken with employees returning from abroad, where the Human Resources (HR) department approve their return to work after checking their tests results, and advise for their work online from home for 14 days.