NTRA Delegation in Rome for Twinning First Strategic Meeting

A High-level delegation headed by Dr. Amr Badawi, the executive president of the NTRA headed to Rome to attend the first twinning strategic meeting with the AGCOM board.

The visit was part of the implementation plan of the Twinning project agreement signed in Cairo on 30th November 2008 to exchange expertise between both regulators for sake of enhancement of the human and technical capacities of the NTRA.
The meeting agenda included the ratification of the twinning action plan, determination of the project timeframes and finally setting the arrangements for the Italian experts' visits to the Egyptian NTRA within framework of the program.
The twinning project crystallizes the NTRA vision to make best use of other regulatory experiences and to find the most appropriate means for dialogue and exchange of knowledge regarding ICT policies and technologies.
Experts from both regulators will exchange their experience and know-how related to the seven areas of interest identified by the NTRA and other partners: legal approximation, competition and licensing, interconnection and local loop unbundling, management of scarce resources including frequency spectrum and numbering, consumer protection and universal service obligation, organizational development and convergence of media.
The institutional Twinning is an EU initiative aiming at enhancing the institutional potential of the governmental authorities and making best use of the experiences of the European counterparts through exchange of experts.

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