NTRA Organizes Port Said Engineering Day 2017

The National Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (NTRA) will organize and participate in Port Said Engineering Day 2017 that will be held in the period from 5 to 8 December as the event is held annually at the Faculty of Engineering, Port Said University. The Engineering Day is the most significant engineering event in the Canal region as all stakeholders in the industry are keen to attend it. The event proceedings include an exhibition and a competition to which graduation projects are submitted for arbitration to select the best project of each specialty. It is worth mentioning that experts present lectures with the aim of transferring their expertise to the students. It should be noted that one of the experts will deliver a lecture during the event on 7 November, entitled "The Fourth Generation in Egypt: opportunities, challenges and applications".

This event will be held this year under the slogan "Seek the Unknown". Last year's event was held under the slogan " Leave a Positive Effect " in order to emphasize the significance of exerting effort, no matter how much it costs to engrave the student's name and leave his impact on the most bright pages of history and minds of people and thinkers at all times and in all places.

Port Said Engineering Day bears an important message. It is not just an exhibition to showcase and present graduation projects at the Faculty of Engineering, but rather it represents a vision for the establishment of a new future for our beloved homeland. This vision is based on two different pivots: the first involves cooperation between the industrial sector and the university, whereas the second depends on the motivation of the new generation of engineers to enable them develop ideas and relevant projects. Port Said Engineering Day aims to link industry and education together, encouraging industrialists and engineering departments in factories to present industrial and technical problems during the Day to students and sponsor them in order to execute them as graduation projects. It also aims to provide practical training chances for students and fresh graduates from the Faculty of Engineering in companies and factories, and to provide job opportunities for new graduates and inform them to the needs of the labor market.

It is worth mentioning that Port Said Engineering Day was held for the first time in October 2009 and achieved great success due to the active participation of the stakeholders and men of industry, teaching staff members, students and fresh graduates. This year's Day marks the ninth session for the event.  It should be highlighted that the achievements of the previous sessions underscore the Engineering Day development as the number of sponsors and participating projects have increased immensely with the increase in number of volunteers for the event organization.