NTRA to participate in TU-T's SG13: Focus Group on Future Networks to Convene

Within the framework of the ITU-T activities and events, Focus Group (SG13) on Future Networks including cloud computing, mobile and next-generation networks will convene in the period from 19 to 24 April, 2015 in Geneva, Switzerland.

This Focus Group (SG13) deals with future networks, including cloud computing and networks, mobile and next-generation networks. It has developed global standards for various networks, including IP-based and Next-Generation Networks. These standards cover quality, security, portability support and convergence between fixed and mobile services in order to reach out for all to users through any device, at any time, far and wide.

It should be noted that, NTRA has been an active participant in the activities and proceedingsof this SG, as Egypt, represented in NTRA, holds the position of vice-chairman thereof