New telecom Licenses in gated compounds

Granting these licenses is based on a beauty contest scheme, where the evaluation committee - appointed by NTRA - will review the different Bids and rank them in a descending order according to their scores. The highest and the next highest Bids will be selected as winning Bidders.


This license will entitle the licensee to install and operate telecommunication networks in closed compounds where the total number of the units in each Closed Compound is not more than ten thousand (10000) units and its total area is at least four (4) Feddans. Compounds having a number of units less than fifty (50) units are not required to build their networks using the services of the licensee.  The licensee term is fifteen (15) years and shall abide by the telecommunication law No. 10 of year 2003 in all its provisions.


The licensee is expected to provide all modern and intelligent services using the latest communications technology such as; the Triple Play and other services over optical fiber networks.  The total investment during the next five years is expected to be up to billion dollars.


The proposals are expected to be submitted on March 15, 2010.