The Second Fixed license Postponed till Next Year
The National Telecom Regulatory Authority Board of Directors decided to defer the auction of the second fixed license for a year as a response to the changes taking place in the international markets. The deadline for submitting the offers of the second fixed license was due on 18th September.
According to Dr. Amr Badawi, the Executive President of the NTRA, this decision was issued in the light of the discussions that took place between the NTRA and the twelve companies that bought the specifications handbook. The ICT international markets in Europe and the United States are facing major fluctuations due to the increasing inflation rates and the increasing prices. The ICT investments worldwide are accordingly shrinking. Therefore the decision was taken to postpone the license until a tangible improvement in the international market is witnessed. It is worth mentioning in this regard that the investments of the second fixed license are not expected to be less than one billion dollars during the first years of operation.
The NTRA advocated such decision so as to ensure the participation of more companies and hence ensure the biggest revenue for the welfare of the state treasury.
The NTRA will meanwhile explore the possibility of introducing the WiMAX technology.