Press Releases
15th Arab Spectrum Management Group (ASMG) Meeting

Sharm El-Sheikh (2/10/2011)

The National Telecom Regulatory Authority (NTRA) is hosting 15th meeting of the Arab Spectrum Management Group (ASMG) in Sharm El-Sheikh in the period from 1 to 5 October 2011. The 15th meeting is attended by 13 Arab countries, 7 international telecom organizations and some leading Arab and international telecom companies.

Dr Amr Badawi, the NTRA’s Executive President, has highlighted the great significance of the role played by ASMG in harmonizing and unifying the Arab countries’ stances in the regional and international spectrum forums. He stated that the ASMG has been working hard to unify the Arab administrations’ stance that ensures the preservation of the interests of the Arab countries and their rights in utilizing the spectrum as submitted in the Conference (WRC-12) that will be held in the period from 23 January to 17 February 2012 (Geneva - Switzerland).

The World Radiocommunication Conference is considered one of the most significant conferences held by the ITU. This Conference is held every four years. Chief among the issues of its agenda have been the study and discussion of several important issues related to spectrum, in addition to the procedures and regulations of the usage of spectrum and its applications in the light of the most advanced technologies and techniques that enhance the growth of the telecom sector.

Dr. El-Sayed Azouz, Head of the Spectrum Sector (and Vice-Chairman of the ASMG) has commenced the meeting’s activities by welcoming the attendants and Eng. Tareq El-Awady, Chairman of ASMG, in addition to the representative of the Secretariat of the League of Arab States (LAS) and the members of the participating delegations. Dr. Azouz has stated that the meeting will discuss issues related to the usage of vacant frequency bands in the provision of 4G mobile services, fixed and mobile satellite services, in addition to convergence.

He has also said that the meeting is keeping abreast of the increasing applications of the uses of spectrum in radio communication, which makes the process of spectrum management more complex. This will require more research for the most efficient and effective means in order to introduce more services and applications for the Arab telecom market, in order to benefit the user in the Arab world, and help in the development of our communities.

Eng. Tareq El-Awady, Chairman of ASMG, has hailed the efforts exerted in hosting and preparing for the meeting. He has also commended the efforts undertaken by the Egyptian administration to render this meeting a great success.

Furthermore, Eng. Reham El-Meat, the representative of the LAS Secretariat has hailed the efforts and measures taken by the Egyptian regulator in hosting and organizing this great event in such a stupendous way.

At the conclusion of the session, Dr. Amr Badawi inaugurated the activities of the meeting, calling on the participating delegates to cooperate and coordinate efforts in a fruitful way that would endow the Arab countries with a great rank in international telecom forums, hence enable them to have a unified stance on the agenda of the upcoming Conference (WRC-12).

It is worth mentioning that the ASMG was formed on the basis of the resolution No. 77 issued by Arab Telecommunications and Information Council of Ministers (ATICM), that called for the harmonization of stances on the main topics raised and discussed in the international conferences, through the ASMG, that acted as a permanent task force that would manage all affairs related to frequency spectrum. It convenes periodically prior to and after conferences. The ASMG held its first meeting in December 2001.