Press Releases
Discussing the final items and terms for the licenses of the establishment and operation of the 4G mobile network

 NTRA's Board of Directors, chaired by HE Eng. Yasser El-Kady, Egypt's Minister of Communications and Information Technology, to discuss the final items and terms for the licenses of the establishment and operation of the 4G mobile network and virtual fixed services planned to be issued and launched soon. 

After a 5 hour-long discussions, NTRA's Board of Directors, chaired by HE the minister, approved all measures taken by NTRA's executive administration concerning the licensing framework of high-speed 4G mobile licenses.  In addition the NTRA's BoD has decided to send the said licenses to the three Licensees currently providing mobile services in Egypt (Vodafone- Orange- Etisalat- Telecom Egypt).

In fact, the three operators were granted a term until September 22, 12:00 pm to carry out all appropriate procedures, pay all due financial obligations  and sign the license. In addition, the BoD decided to authorize the Chairman to finalize the licenses issuance procedures and authorize the NTRA's Executive President in signing them it within the period specified before.

The launching of  the high-speed 4G mobile will enhance the Internet speeds, improving the quality of service, introducing new services for the benefit of the Egyptian citizens. Telecom Egypt's entry to the telecom market as a new operator augments free competition for the, hence ameliorating the market status in terms of the services price and quality thereof.

NTRA has held bilateral meetings regularly for two months with the Licensees and Telecom Egypt to discuss the regulatory, legal, technical and financial terms of the new licenses, and get their feedback in accordance with the timetable set by NTRA's BoD.

All these measures are taken in the framework of the development and regulation of ICT sector in Egypt, keeping up with the incessant and rapid developments thereof  and the introduction of high-speed 4G mobile services in Egypt  hence, the returns of the state's public treasury will be optimized and a balance will be attained between consumers' rights protection and maintenance of  all national investments in this sector as the a catalyst of the economic developments, an essential pivot of the societies development and progress and a key source of national income.