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Egypt Considers Offering 4 G Mobile Licenses In An International Auction
NTRA's deadline for the sale of 4 G licenses to the four mobile operators ends today on. In fact, Telecom Egypt has applied to NTRA for 4G licenses on 31/8/2016 and signed the fourth-generation mobile licenses and paid up the license fees payable to NTRA.

Now the preset deadline ends and the three mobile operators shunned the opportunity to acquire 4G licenses with only fixed line incumbent Telecom Egypt picking one up. NTRA has addressed those companies and stated that that the previously agreed-upon conditions and prices demanded for fourth-generation licenses pre-agreed have become null and void. Moreover, NTRA has confirmed and highlighted its commitment to implement the Egyptian Cabinet's resolution issued on 4/ 5/2016 and NTRA's Board of Directors concerning the regulatory framework for the provision of 4G service licenses.

NTRA's Board of Directors chaired Eng. Yasser El-Kady, the minister of communications and information technology, has decided to consider and study various alternatives in case the three mobile operators spurn 4G license offer. This means, inter alia, offering fourth-generation mobile licenses in an international auction. It is worth mentioning that the alternatives will be submitted to NTRA's Board of Directors at its next early-October meeting to take a decision in this regard.

In this respect, NTRA confirms its strong commitment to provide the best telecom services and latest and state-of-the-art technologies for the Egyptian citizen as per the international criteria and parameters, while ensuring free competition in the Egyptian telecom market.