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Telecom Egypt Awarded 4G mobile Service License

National Telecom Regulatory Authority (NTRA) and Egypt's state-owned fixed line incumbent Telecom Egypt (TE) have signed 4G mobile license for the establishment and operation of 4 G mobile networks, that cost the company EGP 7.08 billion, of which EGP 5.2 billion was paid in advance, half of which in dollars. This took place with the attendance of Eng. Yasser El-Kady, the minister of communications and information technology, the executives of NTRA and TE's Board of Directors. 

Eng. Mustafa Abd El-Wahid, acting executive president of the NTRA has stated that the new license allows TE to provide 4 G mobile services as it permits the company to provide these services using the new frequencies and provide 2G and 3 G services through national roaming with the existing Licensees. 

It is worth mentioning in this respect that NTRA's BoD approved the regulatory framework of the Egyptian telecom market, which includes 4G services provision. This aims in the first place to enable all companies to provide the same services to the end- user, with the ultimate privileges of the launching of high- speed 4G services that augments the Internet speeds, improves the quality of the currently-provided services and introduction of new services for the benefit of all citizens. Moreover, the entry of TE to the Egyptian market as a new mobile operator will enhance free competition therein, hence ameliorating the quality of services provided thereto at more affordable prices not to mention the provision of revenues to the state's public treasury and new jobs. 

 Eng. Mustafa Abd El-Wahed, NTRA's acting executive president and Eng. Tamer Gadallah, Telecom Egypt's CEO signed the licenses. ​