Reference Interconnection Offer (RIO) and the Service Level Agreement (SLA) 

In the last few years, the telecommunications industry in Egypt has undergone a number of significant changes. These were represented in the high growth rates attained in terms of revenues and subscribers in the mobile and the internet markets, whereas the fixed line segment experienced a slower growth path.  

Regulatory policies are considered   the core mission and mandate of NTRA to encourage national and international investments within free competition rules.​

This underscores the State’s endeavor towards the formulation of free-market and business-friendly policies. NTRA sees it as a major role to develop a fair competitive telecommunication market that can enhance confidence between existing operators and new entrants in the Egyptian telecommunication sector. This is a dynamic process that necessitates the adoption of regulatory measures that are effective enough to reduce the risk of any potential anti-competitive behavior and to remedy the effects of such harmful behavior in case committed.

NTRA is currently in the process of amending its competition policy rules in order to formulate a framework based on antitrust principles and methodologies.

In fact, NTRA’s experts believe that NTRA’s new competition framework should be based on two basic concepts:

  • The ex-ante regulations and designation of the significant market power in the relevant (regulated) telecommunication services;
  • The ex-post regulations, competition analysis, and determination of anti-competitive conduct.

Within the framework of the establishment of an appropriate regulatory environment and consolidation of competition in ICT sector, and as a preliminary step to prepare the Egyptian market for the unified licensing system, NTRA finished the review process of the Reference Interconnection Offer (RIO) and the Service Level Agreement (SLA) provided by Telecom Egypt to other licensees. It enables Telecom Egypt to provide interconnection and infrastructure leasing services required for the provision of the services (provided by those operators) to the end user in a transparent and non-discriminatory basis.

In line with NTRA’s keenness to preserve transparency and in order to establish and effectuate the principle of all stakeholders’ involvement in regulatory decision making, both Reference Interconnection Offer (RIO) and the Service Level Agreement (SLA) are currently available to all licensed operators.